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Having investigated same, it would be straightorward

Not unlike the work done to restore "Blue Beetle" (or whatever the current name is) probably less.

Adding the original wheels, tires, caps and retainers along with the correct headers, three- and six-carb intakes and the bantam grille - boom.

Could easily see a holiday gift set with the Little and Big "T" together.

FWIW, some parts box scrounging will get you most of the way to a Little T or a fair approximation thereof.

The SBC multi-carb intake(s) are similar to those in the various '30 woodies, or PC83 '55 Chevys. The wheels are disc style with whitewall insert tires and slicks which can come from the Blue Beetle for the fronts, would need to check but maybe Orange Hauler rears. Moon caps are larger than typical kit fare, might have to look at some aftermarket and polish, or get a punch and drain some beer cans to make your own.

Headers would be a night of fab work, but not out of bounds for the average builder.

I can see an easy kitbash for the T's with a few of the other ex-PC series kits. The Cadillac from the BB, or the Pontiac from early iron Deuces would make a sweet conversion; for that matter the big desoto and rolling stock from the Lil' Coffin might make a good choice, too.

MLRC makes the Turtledeck, but we have not made much progress with the rest, too much other stuff on the bench vs. flat box esoterica.

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