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Mopars and AMCs Happy Father's Day! *LINK*

Junction Auto Show in Chardon, OH, and during the Springfield, OH swap meet there is a small AMC meet.
First time I have seen so many Marlins in a row to tell the differences between years.
I have to start off with this Desoto from the show. The guy who owned it had 7 of these, now he has 4 left. His dad used to work at a Desoto dealership and he loves the 56 model. He brought 2, both loaded up including the record player.

Charger RTSE, sun roof, a/c, 440, power windows. Awesome Car!

Barnfind Bird, original down to the Bird crap plastered all over it.

AMCs, line of Fish

Vinyl top Marlin

Love the color, not a bad looking Gremlin

Denim interior option, the Levi's edition

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