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Just because you can, Don't! and Misc Car pics *LINK*

Saw this at Springfiled. Yes the back of the cab is built from genuine 4x8 plywood, and the place where your feet would be in the back seat is still there. Easy to convert back I guess.

Not sure about this color change combo

This guy has put over 40,000 miles on this hearse/ambulance combo since he has owned it. Has rebuilt the engine, but all else is original. Great guy to talk with and someone who really enjoys the car.

Told me a story while talking with him of going to a show in Ohio, I think this is a Meteor coach, at the plant just before they closed. A gentleman wanted to sit in it, and was checking out the headliner. He asked about it and the guy said it was just as nice as the day he had installed in while working on the line building coach cars.

Plain Jane 6 cyl Camaro

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