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White Bus Update ;

Yardwork and getting the pool open have kept me busy, but still trying to get some time at the workbench. Although a lot of resin conversions don't come with a chassis or frame, I decided I needed it anyway. Just a simple baseplate.

The builder can come up with his own axles and drivetrain. I will do at least one with a rear mounted flat six. I think the wheels and tires came from the Caddy SUV kit. Added a notch in the corner for you to step up into the bus.

The stance actually looks pretty good to me for a hot rod surf bus. Actually the metal axles are just sitting in the frame cutouts. I painted the entry door window black here, but it really should be clear 'glass'.

That's about it, just need to do the rear bumper and it will be all set to send out to be cast.


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