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HAD A BONUS ON FATHER's DAY... I was playing in the garage today doing some model painting and my neighbor comes over and ask me if I wanted to go for a ride in the hotrod. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY-------PICS and thanks for looking

Little history: Met Craig couple years ago when I moved into the neighborhood, we both recognized we were car guys. Anyway, that short trip two houses over gave us a bond. He has this Black Fox body that runs low 8's with the juice and high 9's with motor, he also has a ROUSH Mustang. The oldest son has a Silver Fox Mustang that hits the high 10's low 11's and if you look at the one picture that is his purple driver sitting in the driverway. Funny thing I give Craig a lot of crap because his tow car is a Chevy Suburban and his son's winter car is a Chevy truck.
Well we went for a ride just east of town down a country road that he uses for test hits..... WELL! without Nitrous my head was still pinned back in the seat. WHAT A RUSH..... can't believe how straight and true this car ran down the country road. Off the launch this car was stuck to the ground and didn't waver. Sent chills thru out my body and the hair was standing up on my arms, WOW! what a surprise.

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