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Not Fathers' Day here, but thanks.

And no, I have no idea why we celebrate Fathers Day at a different time of year to you guys!

Becoming a father is fantastic. Seeing your wife with that new little person for the first time is such a rush.
Then seeing your son's wife with your first grandchild is right up there too!
And seeing that little person grow up... it reminds you of all you went through with your own children. Really helps to put life into perspective. It's all about family, guys.

I don't have a recent photo of my grandson - he keeps changing every visit. He's really into light switches of all things! He has to turn every switch on, and his face lights up with this marvelous smile when he sees the result. Just like his father did at that age whenever he saw a train - and he's now a locomotive mechanic. So will young Alex be a future electrician?

Sorry to hijack your thread Chuck!

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