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On the way home from the Durand show, we stopped for a bite to eat, and them made a quick stop at the Lions Club Car Show, in Oregon, Illinois.... *PICS* *LINK*

Closer to home, so it was many of the usual suspects....
Things were winding down, but I still managed to catch quite a few images of some very nice cars....

 photo 06-18-2017-0121.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0188.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0217.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0055.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0059.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0027.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0137.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0247.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0061.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0020.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0209.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0107.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0004.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0032.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0015.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0002.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0083.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0088.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0131.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0094.jpg

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