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What great way to spend Fathers Day.... The wife and I took a little road trip through the country to check out a couple of pretty good car shows.... Starting with the Stateline Classis' annual Fathers Day Car Show, in Durand, Illinois... *PICS* *LINK*

This small town show seems to always draw some really nice stuff that I don't see anywhere else....
This year's edition was no exception....

 photo 06-18-2017-0302.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0305.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0164.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0436.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0437.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0443.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0450.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0452.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0339.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0522.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0197.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0198.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0205.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0200.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0032.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0145.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0261.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0485.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0416.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0413.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0045.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0246.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0492.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0231.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0025.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0137.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0050.jpg
 photo 06-18-2017-0055.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0360.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0404.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0459.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0363.jpg

 photo 06-18-2017-0252.jpg

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