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No sir they are not, I have a set and they come unfinished. Trying to decide whether to spray with buffing aluminum or using Molotow...
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...I also drilled out the cap from two of them and removed the hub from the kit front wheels to put in their place. From the pic on the Revell fourth quarter flyer it appears it has the chrome wheels, but that pic looks like an artist's drawing, so who knows what will actually be in the kit. Hopefully the artist's rendering is the reason the flares don't look right. Someone else had commented on that and I agree. There are also a lot of aftermarket resin parts from a caster doing business as Olsen Brothers. I have several of his parts and they are absolutely beautiful!! Modelhaus quality, and that's saying a mouthful. His products are almost always on eBay but he also has a working webpage now. The name may be actually spelled Olson but if you Google one or the other you should find him. Decent prices and quick service, you won't be disappointed. Not taking anything from Fireball, but each company has some stuff the other doesn't have, and both have excellent products.

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