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My opinion , Deke. First of all, DUMB QUESTION !! NO, WE HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN 9/11. Second of all, who cares about some model project to do with 9/11? Yes, 9/11 was one helluva tragedy, BUT, life goes on. I met a New York street cop at a "Soup barrel". We got shootin' the

breeze and 9/11 came up. He lost 3 "brothers". Two, FDNY, and one NYPD. We both cried, I threw a $20.00 in the "barrel" and he gave me his NYPD baseball cap, which I hang proudly in my man cave. Don't EVER ask this old s.o.b. if I forgot about 9/11 !!!!!!!!!!! Rant over !!!

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