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Knock, Knock...Is anyone there?....Is this thing on?.....

Just got power back. Crawling out from under lotsa debris. Coupla kids and grandkids here to ride IRMA on her way to see Disney World.

Got the edge of the 'eye wall'. Could not have been more than a cat1 by the time it got this far. Had worse summer afternoon thunder storms.

Removed anything that could become a projectile from the yard, and kids toys so as not to wind up down the street. Just had a power loss and debris blown down off trees. Was in constant contact with family, and they faired about the same.

All garbage/recycle/yard waste services were suspended, so will spend the next few days cleaning up.

Having softball withdrawls, as all the fields are under water and the county will require the next few days to clean up the park. Hope to resume next week.

Overall.........We survived unscathed...................IRMA....Is that all you've got?

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