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Great pics! Detailed enough that although the front wheels are fairly straight, the steering wheel in that beautiful '55 Olds 2 door hartop is upside down, lol. *PIC*

The stylized map in the hub of the western hemisphere is upside down from the standard map... Although he MAY have turned the wheel a 180 after you took the exterior pics. A really beautiful car though. Mother had one back in the day and my dad drove our family up Pike's Peak's switchbacks in it like a mad man... no guard rails on the unpaved road with severe drop offs if you slid off the road -- one of the more memorable vacation events in my younger days, lol. We took mother's car because it had factory air, a first for our family cars. It had no problem climbing the mountain road and it was kind of ironic that we passed by several of the stretched tour cars that were stopped due to overheating that day.

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