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1967 Loadstar #19 Hydraulics

The last couple of days were spent building up the lifting part of the dump body. I found a decent photo on line of what one of that vintage looked like so one was made of brass sheet stock, tubing and some plastic channel stock. Making everything move was not difficult but getting it in position so that the body could be raised full height and then settle down on the frame was a bit of a hassle. I ended up having to take a chunk out of the side of the differential to get the lift to drop low enough. Good thing I'm not going to drive it any! 8^))
After that the hydraulic cylinder and piston were made of brass tubing and aluminum tubing.
The aluminum piston is held securely inside the cylinder by two brass rings, one on the far end of the piston and one on the opposite end of the cylinder. Since aluminum cannot be soldered, I drill holes through both the brass ring and piston and ran a piece of brass rod through both. The rod was then soldered to the ring and filed smooth. Now there's no chance the piston can accidentally come out of place. Next will be two hydraulic lines that will run from the hydraulic pump to the cylinder. Then its off to the final paint shop and a bit of weathering.
The two locks that hold the tailgate closed are now enclosed in sheet stock and the ends of the body were sanded, primed and repainted. Now the only thing that shows are the two ends of the locks where they engage the tailgate.
The two small circles at each end of the body are reflectors and will be painted silver and then given some clear amber for the front one and clear red for the rear one.

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