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I've mentioned it a few time, if you need to strip paint off a few model bodies you should look into the stuff call Bluemagic Paint Stripper.

It is designed to be used on plastic model bodies and parts without damaging it, and says it strips paint, chrome & cleans clear glass. They sell it on their website and on ebay. Model Cars Magazine tested some awhile back in one of their issues, and tried it on several different types of paint and even some flat black that had been on a body for several years. In every case they said it stripped the paint off without any problems. According to their website it is biodegradeable also. You should check out all the info about it on their website.

I've used Chameleon Paint Stripper for many years with great success, but it is no longer available, so my plan is to buy some of it when my current stuff no longer works.

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