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OT Questions about his model *PIC*

So I get an email from FSM with this ad. I’m thinking, hey, who doesn’t want a full scale 1:1 Millenium Falcon of their own?

But I have a few questons first:

1. I’m not sure my house is zoned for this. I mean sure, it will take up my whole back yard, and then some. It might put off some neighbors. But will the city cite me? Do I need permits?

2. How many Roadway truck deliveries is this? 20? 30? Do I need a forklift or can the truck have a lift gate?

3. What skill level is it?

4. When they say “Full Kit”, does that mean an interior too? I’m thinking I can shack up the relatives in it when they come to visit.

5. How long is assembly time?

6. I notice from the images that the model looks used. Will I get a factory fresh kit or a second hand example?

7. Can it only be built stock, or are there some optional accessories in the future?

8. How many pieces does this kit have?

(I'm just having some fun with it. It's probably a typo in the email blast LOL ?)


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