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Hot from the Moebius display at NNL Motor City...24 images including the new 1964 Chevy II Nova SS and 1965 Chevy II two door sedan Gasser kits under development.... *LINK* *PIC*

From earlier today, images of the Moebius display. The two new Novas and '65/'66 F-Series pickups are 3D printed from CAD files, they have not been tooled yet so there is no official announcement date. 24 images in total at this link.

Dave Metzner emphasized that there is further refinement underway - including a new roof panel for the pickups with added curvature, and a repositioned and reshaped rear window on the back of the cab, both applicable to the 1965/1966 F-Series.

The image below is the first take on a 1965 Chevy II two door sedan Gasser.

More NNL Motor City photos will be posted tonight - some really cool models on the table this time. TIM

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