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I'd bet some annuals will hit the swap meet tables soon...

...with the Moebius kit being satisfactory enough for some guys to let go of an "extra" original or two. They're out there. I picked up another '63 (cab/bed, bed floor, windows, and complete interior, but with a Chevy chassis thrown in) at NNL East earlier this year...$12. And this was after the doors opened (vendors aren't supposed to deal among themselves while setting up). The bumpers had the plating removed but everything else is in decent shape, windows have no cement on them at all. Even the tailgate is nice, it'll be a shame to stick the custom filler piece on it but that's what I'm going to do. That one is now a short wheelbase truck, it's going onto a Foose FD-100 chassis. I too would like to build the XL drag truck, have another '63 in slightly lesser condition slated for that project.

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