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Help need with a little automotive photo forensics, in regard to this old gasser..... *PIC*

I found this old pic on, a great site ( maybe the BEST site) for vintage drag car pics. I was immediately struck by this rough old heap and started gathering parts to build a close replica. The caption surmises that the motor is a smallblock Chevy, probably a 292 by the number on the side. After studying the pic for some time, it is possible that is the case. If you look at the spacing on the headers, it could be a smbc, and IIRC, a 283 with an .060 overbore comes out to 292. However, it is also possible that it could be a y-block Ford 292. The exhaust port spacing would be very similar and it is hard to see clearly in the pic. Also, the decal just in front of the door look's like an old autolite sparkplug one. I believe Autolite was associated with Ford in the early 60's and I think that lasted into the early 70's. The pic look's like it would be from 1960-1964 era, so that would fit. Anyway, I doubt there is much else out there about this car, because it is certainly not a professional set up, just some local guys having fun. So, if build it a lot of speculating will need to be done as far as interior, motor and chassis details. Anybody have any thoughts about the motor, or by chance know the car? -Larry

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