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Actually got a show finished in barely over a week: 2017-11-05 1st British Wheels Peoria AZ Billed as the 1st Annual, but think this is the same group that used to do the British Car Show in downtown Phoenix. Anyway nice show, excellent facility, had trees and grass. First *LINK* *PIC*

up a 1956 Jaguar D maybe XKD 602 which was wrecked and parts salvaged to rebuilt 603 in 1956. Guess what was left was eventually scrapped together with spare parts and new pieces made and put back together. Don't know if this would be considered an extreme restoration, a recreation, or what. But it sure looks good.

1936 MG SA 2 Litre Saloon

Lotus 1985 Esprit Turbo

1971 Triumph Spitfire GT6

1965 Sunbeam Tiger, early car with the 260

Triumph 1956 TR3

Triumph 1973 Stag

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