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I'm assuming you have FUD or FXD printed parts. Wax is used as a support structure during printing and while most of it is remved by Shapeways, additional cleaning is needed of the parta are to be painted.

If you look on the Internet, warm olive oil, then a rinse in warm water and dish detergent is recommended (seriously). But I prefer another method: Dip the parts in Bestine (Heptane). Bestine is a solvent for rubber cement. As an alternative I dip the parts in Naphtha (can be purchased in large quantities in a hardware store as VM&P Naphtha or in small quantities as Ronsonol lighter fluid). Either one of these chemicals will dissolve the wax and leave the parts ready for painting/finishing.

Do not use acetone or lacquer thinner - it will make the FUD/FXD plastic brittle and they will crumble (especially thin or small cross-section parts).

When clean, the areas which were free-standing will be translucent and slightly shiny. The areas which were printed against wax supports will have rough frosted-white appearance. Usually, in the raw state the parts are not quite ready for final painting. The surface needs to be sanded/smoothed/primed.

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