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I have to double check the numbers but IIRC a 283 with a.060 overbore comes out to 301 cu. in.

My late friend, Mike Meyer, bought a '57 Chevy wagon 283, three on the tree in '69 and his first engine build was a .060" overbore on the 283. He drove the wagon for a while until one of our friends with a '64 Impala convinced him to swap engines for the 327 in his '64. We spent a Saturday under a swing set doing the swap with block and tackle. I drove the '64 before the swap started and I don't know why the man wanted to ditch the stock motor. It was a really fine comfortable SS cruiser. Anyway within two weeks of the engine swap, the poor over-bored 283 got severely over-revved with the Powerglide being held in low and threw a piston out thr side of the block.

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