Spotlight Hobbies

Here in north Fort Worth, I'm two blocks from a Lobby, eight miles from a train store with a few car kits, 12 miles to an OLD hobby store, and about 40 miles (??) from two hobby stores in Irving (one hour drive in traffic).

Not counting a train store or the R/C hobby store a mile from that one.
NOT a big deal for me to drive a hour. I like driving. LOL

When I live in Grapevine, Texas, I used to brag that I could drive an hour in SEVEN different directions, and there would be a hobby store at the end of that drive, or on the route. 14 years later, FIVE of those stores are now gone (Hobby Maker, Bobbye Hall's, Phil's Hobbies, Old Time Hobbies in south Fort Worth, and Black Gold in Arlington)
The forementioned train store with the model cars has joined the list, replacing one of the five. And there's another "train store" that has some car kits over the last five years or so (found a mint unbuilt MPC '77 FIrebird annual there a few years ago...for $7!)

Oh, and the two hobby stores in Irving are on the same route...

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