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Mine is still circling the country......

Just to recap this is USPS Priority from Amazon. That means automated address label to my certified address.
This was last week.....
Columbus Ohio
next stop
Greensboro NC
Cincinnati Ohio.....hmmmm
Columbus Ohio again.......good news it was there for about an hour before was shipped to....
Charleston WV....well it's in the right state.....we'll see hoe many more days to get to me.

I was wrong....thinking it would head to Charleston next was a mistake.....
It then went to Pittsburgh PA!!! After sitting a day it is now in the dreaded 'IN TRANSIT' which I have figured is when USPS screwed up and they just want some time.
If this is modern logistics someone PLEASE explain the savings in having a package pass through one city twice???
The Emperor has no clothes me thinks......

Glad you got yours Dean!

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