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sanding and polishing plastic question please..........inside please........

I have a Roger Lindamood 1968 Charger body molded in blue and it has a scuff and scratch that I want to get rid of. I am going to build this without painting the body. I really like the color. I will end up using floor polish on it. here are the tools that I have: 2000 wet/dry, 3000 wet/dry, Novus 1,2 and 3, Meguiars fine scratch and blemish removers 2.0 and Meguiars mirror glave swirl remover 2.0. do I have the tools to fix this ? If I need to sand the spot smooth it'll only need a few passes. Which tools and in what order is my best bet ? Also, there is a tiny bump of glue on the windshield, can that be fixed ?

Thank you everyone !

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