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Where were you in '62? *PICS*

Got an idea for a new Challenge--the "Where Were You In '62? Challenge." Here's the idea. Build a model that could have appeared in American Grafitti. BUT, it has to be based on a kit that was originally released in 1962 or earlier. Doesn't have to be an original--a late re-release '61 Galaxie, for example. As long as the kit first appeared by '62. I've included some examples. AND, no billet, no photoetch, no resin, no material that came later. You'll have to do some research. There are some great kits from Monogram, AMT, Johan, and Revell (MPC's first kit was a '64 Corvette), and others like Lindberg who did some early hot rod kits by 1962. I'll pick my favorite as before, and will have something interesting as an award. End date is the weekend of May 26, 2018.


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