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I tried watching one or two races last year with the new announcers, and I just couldn't stand it for too long. I like watching the Pro Stock class, and they just droned on & on with the Top Fuel classes and barely showed the other classes.

It would be nice if they would just race the Top Fuel and Funny Car one weekend, and cover that and then the next weekend they can prep the track & run the Pro Stock, Motorcycle & other classes. I bet they would be surprised at how many people would rather watch the second weekend of racing and not bother with the first weekend.

I can only take so much of John Force also. In the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes I just got tired of seeing all the big money multi car teams dominating the classes. If you are a small time low budget racer, the only chance you have to compete is if you get luck and the big money team either runs a red-light, blows an engine or spins the tires, then you might advance a round. A friend and I have thought that if you changed the rules so you can only have one engine block for the finals, that might cut down on the engine explosions because they are pushing them too far. His idea too was if a car can't make it to the line for the next round, the fastest qualifier from the previous round takes their place, that way there isn't a single run. I just didn't care for these big money teams that don't care if they have to blow a motor up every single round, just to make it to the next run. But there is no way NHRA will ever do any of this to make it better for the fans. They are getting to be too much like NASCAR for my taste.

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