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LOVE DEM MOPAR's.....Well nothing going on outside except shoveling, more shoveling, and more shoveling tomorrow. As I said last night thinking to do a convert Dart. Here is a good start on the bench. Can't paint so what the heck....PIC and thanks for looking

Had to show a picture of what I decided. Didn't know you can get a Dart with double hood scoops until I started looking for that Mannix car. This is what I'm going with silver car W/white interior and white boot. Not sure if I'll put a red or white stripe.

 photo 1968-Dodge-Dart-GT-Convertible-front-end_zpswwdf3to5.jpg
 photo 100_7570_zpsb62xwzwp.jpg
 photo 100_7569_zpswuii3m3h.jpg

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