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Re: Pretty much agree with everything both of you said. Same here......Gave up watching ALL Professional sports years ago in favor of Minors and little guys...

Altho I keep my NHRA License current, not too many plans to use it in the near future.

Even tho it seems IHRA has become a thing of the past, and they were more for the 'little guy', Class racing has long ago become so expensive and time consuming. Eliminations are run Bracket Style. Seems NHRA is now the only game in town.

For the low budget little guy, Bracket Racing, at the local tracks is the only form of racing that is semi affordable, and that is getting out of hand.

Fuel for the racecar and tow vehicle, (both use 87 octane), $15/person gate entry, $25 class entry to the lowest bracket class with $25 buybacks after 1st round, a person can very quickly end up spending $100 for the night. And that is with bringing your own grill and cooking your own burgers. All this for $300 to win againest some of the racers that cut .00 lights every round. 4 or 5 round wins will only get you $10 off your next $25 entry fee.

Getting a little too expensive for even me.

Now play Senior Softball 3X/week, follow some of the local teams, have 4 grandkids in Little League, and live close enuff to walk to a Minor League baseball game.

Have given up on all Professional sports......ESPECIALLY the NFL!!!!

Rant off.

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