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Cheetah Transporter Update ;

I was stewing over the transporters wheelbase mid-week and looking at reference pics. Although 'production' Cheetahs were supposed to use standard GM parts, the standard full size 119" wheelbase wasn't cutting it. The main thing bugging me was between the rear wheels and the rear bumper I needed room for two fuel cells AND the water ballast tank. When I got a chance to get in the workshop, I decided to move the rear axle forward a scale foot, which meant a severe reworking of the frame and the body.

All in all, it went pretty smoothly. ( I should have taken a bare frame pic to compare ) The pink portion of the body is from the 1959 Caddy, and I needed the portion of the rear fender (with the fin removed) to transition between the side and top of the body. I also got the top of the rear body in place and cut in the 6 tunneled taillight housings. I think the tail should have a wee bit more 'hump' to it, but that's the way its staying for now.

The ramps appear fairly delicate, and they were made of aluminum on the real truck. I made a set with the little flip at the front like the real ones, and left them a bit long for now. I have one of those old Merit race car kits somewhere, I will have to dig it out and see how it fits before deciding on the width. Now I have to start thinking about those horrendous scoops to pull the air to the radiator.


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