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Squadron's Eagle Quest is its own show, and not 'sanctioned' by the IPMS. Plus, Eagle Quest is an NNL format--the ENTRANTS/BUILDERS judge the categories by popular vote!

There are categories for Armor, Aircraft, Automotive, Diorama, Ships, Figures & Busts, and a Miscellaneous. The planes are separated by jets vs. props, the armor by World War II and Not WW2, the Automotive into Racing and Non-Racing, etc.
Once the 'best' of each split is revealed, then there's an elimination round for the best of each category, followed later by best of the best, which nets the recipient a really nice trophy of an eagle.

The first round of voting takes place before 1 pm on Saturday. The second round is done during the dinner, and the other rounds afterwards. The big Eagle is usually awarded around 9 or 10 pm...

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