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The '68 RR, '69 GTX and '70 Coronet were all designed to be made from the same tool utilizing the MPC '70 Coronet body as a template, with stock and pro street options. Note that the stock and pro street parts are different colors in most...

...earlier issues, as those parts were run separately. It's a well designed tool. Unfortunately, RC2 and now Round 2 liked my suggestion to make a '69½ Road Runner 440-6 bbl from it, but each said the additional tooling would be too expensive. I think they were wrong, I think that kit would be an amazing seller. Actually, in about 1993 or so, after explaining the changes needed to Tom Haverland at ERTL, he said "If you say so, we'll do it," and plans were initiated. But unfortunately, ERTL was in a housecleaning phase, and let Tom go before it came to fruition.

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