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About the Twister Vega......

...not a kit expert but, the Twister was the last Monza/Vega version. It is similar to the original Grumpy's Toy Vega and subsequent re-issues, including the long awaited and delayed Larson's USA-1 Car. It has the updated chassis which differs from the original issue in that it has the interior/ chassis mods that allow for the larger Goodyear drag slicks that first appeared in the Garlit's RE dragster and have been in literally dozens if not hundreds of kits since. The fronts are the equally readily available Goodyear Polyglass GTs. The wheels are the Cragar Super trick with the deep rears.

The body in addition to the updated front end, has the rear fenders hogged out in an early gasser look, not very accurate for a Pro Stock or Pro Street car, but suitable for a Comp Eliminator class. The windshield wipers are molded on as are the front fender turn signal indicators. The Grille and rear bumpers and headlight are chrome plated as are some of the motor parts.

The glass is the standard of the day one piece runner style, the taillights are red/clear.

The motor is of a BBC design but a bit crude and has a presumably a 6-71GMC Blower in place of the original Tunnel Ram intake. The Tranny is what looks like to me anyway, a GM power glide.

The interior is of the tub style that was pretty much SOP in the day, but it does have a nice full roll cage ( maybe the best feature of the kit), the pedals are molded to the floor and it has the stock dash with a chrome floor shifter and a custom steering wheel.

The decals are just plain ugly, I put mine either in the trash or a PIF, I don't remember, but they just don't work in my opinion. The box art says they were designed by Rob Glucksman, my apologies to him, but I just didn't like them.

My over all impression of the kit is a bit Ho-Hum, but if you like MPC kits from the 70's ( who doesn't really?) you'll like it. It doesn't present any real challenges other than perhaps the removal of some un wanted molded on body details and in-accurate quarter panels. If I remember correctly, the original issue was the first of the MPC Pro stock kits, that later included, the Ford Pinto and Mustang II, the Dodge Challenger, and the Plymouth Duster. Probably others, but I don't recall. I can't suggest that I would pay big bucks as you mentioned, but if you can get one reasonably priced it's a fun build even with the warts.

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