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Revell - We can't undo history, but we can do this...

Nobody sends press releases on a Friday afternoon because it is GOOD news.

People we know are hurting, badly. You know the names - the fruit of their labors is on your shelf, your workbench or your dreams.

We can't un-do the sins of the past. But we can say thank you and give them encouragement as they move on to new adventures.

Soooo... my suggestion:

Without rambling (excessively), put up a post about a Revell kit that made you feel like a great modeler ... advanced your skills... or changed the way you look at the hobby.

I'm taking a wild guess here, but there are a lot of folks who would appreciate it.

Let it rip.

Let the world hear it.

Let the guys and women just like us who delivered us so much joy in a cardboard box for just a few bucks hear it as far as the bandwidth will take it.

Don't lift.


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