Spotlight Hobbies

Blue Metal Glow '69 Dodge! I bought that when it came out. Built it when I was in the USAF stationed at Minot AFB.

Don't know what happened to the build. It was one of my favorites, especially since I didn't have to paint the body. Just tried to polish it.

There were a few builds I had that I lost before coming home that I wish I still had. MPC flip nose '57 Chevy & '53 Ford, the above Dodge, a Testors Pantera GTS, and a few others. I really liked that Pantera with the wing. In fact, I wanted to make it a RC car with it. Sure would've been fun.

I did make sure that my prized (at the time) MPC '71 Roadrunner made it home. Still have that one. In fact, I bought that kit from our host.

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