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1970 Formula 400, Esprit and Breathing!

Just wanted to make you aware that I hooked up with Jeff Pierson. He did the original master for the Cheesecast version. In addition, there is a flat hood, too. To take it further, he mastered the underhood Ram Air, airbox and aircleaner. I'll even take it further when I say I found some parts I had, that give you the '68-'70 GTO Ram Air set up and one for '71-'72 GTO. I also finished a dual snorkel non-Ram Air air cleaner.
I've be in contact with Greg Wann of Holy Grain Resins. He did a Ventura hood for me, as you might recall. His quality is super nice! I also must say, I like his attitude and "passion" for this kind of work.
Being that we have lost quite a few resin people, He's hoping to fill that void.
I can't post a pic here to save my life, so I'll ask John Dezan, if he might put up my pics.
This is all ready to go to Greg, so it's not available, yet. He's excited to do these pieces as I am in sending them! Both Jeff and Greg have been a pleasure to work with.
The resin kits will fit the Monogram T/A. The air cleaners fit the Monogram GTOs and I did fit the '71-'72 unit to a MPC GTO.
I have to say this has been a fun project!

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