Spotlight Hobbies

Thanks for posting these, John!

#1- Air Cleaner Packages, L to R: '70 - '75 Firebird Formula Ram Air System, '71-'72 GTO Ram Air System, '68 - '70 GTO Ram Air System and a Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner.
#2- Formula 400 Trans Kit - made to fit Monogram's Trans AM.
#3- Esprit Package
#4- Air Box fitted to a MPC '72 GTO hood. I did not modify anything.
#5- Airbox fitted to a Monogram '68 GTO. No modifications made.

These parts are 1:24th but can be made to fit. Jeff Pierson did the Formula parts. I had the Air systems from a project I did years ago.
They go off to the caster tomorrow!

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