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I just got confirmation from Dennis Doty that the 1964 MPC (issued as AMT) ’28 Ford 2 door sedan tool does exist. It’s a fact, not a rumor. It hasn’t been reissued because the chassis, stock engine and perhaps other parts were permanently moved to the…*PICS*

…then-new MPC (now issued as AMT) ’29 Ford woody/pickup tool when it was created in 1965. Apparently it would be too expensive to move the parts back, plus it would probably render the woody/pickup tool unusable. However, if they were to issue the ’29 woody/pickup kit and include the ’28 sedan parts too, the kit could be built as the sedan, pickup or woody. I don’t think the optional 426 Ramcharger engine was ever used in anything else, so that should still be in the tool. Oh, and the sedan tool is already in China, but sitting idle.

So what do you think? If you want that to happen, I’ll do my part, but it’d be helpful if you’d let them know at Round 2 that you’d buy the heck out of it, too!

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