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I read somewhere recently that the utility interceptor (Explorer based) is 75% of ALL police sales right now, to include the Ford sedan (Taurus), Charger, Tahoe, and anything else being sold as a police car. The Impala is dead as a police car...

...Chevy will not use the current restyled version for police package use, so all they have to offer is the Tahoe. My old department was just about to buy one, but when it came in painted silver instead of white they refused it, then learned the Explorer was about half the price of the Tahoe they ordered one of those instead. I have also read that many departments are dissatisfied with their Chargers due to engine problems. We have two with the V-6, and both had lifter problems at around 20,000 miles. Many officers I've talked to don't care much for the Taurus, they say they're hard to get in and out of, and are not roomy enough inside. I'm currently driving a 2018 Explorer, and so far I love it. But unfortunately, there will never be another Crown Vic. Not the fastest or best handling police car ever, but they were bulletproof and comfortable.

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