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Finished: Datsun Pickup *PICS*

This is the 4th model I've finished in 2018. It's sure good to be back building again. I don't know what model year the truck is, but I do know it's a Revell/Monogram kit, that was issued in 1997, but is back in the lineup again currently. (If anybody can tell me what year it represents, that would be greatly appreciated!)

It's only the second Japanese vehicle I've ever completed- the last was all the way back in 2000! I have not had much success with pickups since I began spray painting in 2003- I either couldn't get the color to go in the corners of the bed, or, if I did that, it would run on the cab or elsewhere. In fact, the last non-NASCAR pickup I finished was all the way back in 2001! So this one breaks two very long skids.

The kit itself was a nice, easy kit to build. Almost everything fit perfectly on the first try, with the only modification I had to make was trim some of the chassis to rear bumper attachment point. I also scratchbuilt backs for the seats. They were open, but showed through the back window. so I couldn't leave that. (really hard to see in photos, since I went with flat black).

Paint is Tamiya TS-60 Pearl Green. I'm not sure if it is a factory color match, because I have no idea where to even look- I don't even know the model name of the truck, just that it's a Datsun. Needless to say, this is not my area of expertise!

Thanks for looking.

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