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Message from John Greczula at Round 2 regarding AMT '28A Tudor tool....

All: This morning, John G. asked me to post this message from him on his behalf...


After receiving multiple direct emails and learning of this thread, I feel the need to quell some of the lather that seems to be foaming over the edge of the glass of conjecture: Make no mistake. The '28 Ford project has been on the radar, in the hopper, etc. for quite a while now. A certain veteran AMT Kat and I discussed it at length, years ago already. The tool exists but is far from usable in its present state. As you all know, the majority of it was repurposed for the '29 kit. There is VERY little left in the tool and the gaping holes left by the removed inserts would need to be filled with new blocks containing sprue lines designed to flow plastic to what IS there. This is not a trivial or inexpensive process. However, it is something that I want to see happen as much as the rest of you.

As for just including the parts with a reissue of the '29 pickup/woody, well, I'd rather do it right. Some parts no longer match with the '28 parts. Further, if we were to spend the money to resurrect this kit, we'd need every sale possible. A large portion of the mass market clientele would not want to have to "figure it all out" for themselves. You guys? Sure, you could do it with your eyes closed. But to make the investment worthwhile, it'd have to be a little more accessible to modelers of lesser skill.

Rest assured, it's at the top of the list of kits to try and bring back. I make no promises, as there's always some unexpected problem that gets in the path of making headway on some of these cool projects, but we do listen, we do care, and we do what we can to keep the entire available market at least a little bit happy.

Thanks for your interest and support.




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