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Assembly line, unsafe at any speed.......

I recently felt the need to get back into my Crackerbox project, to finish it up. More specifically, create the load for the trailer. I really wanted to use half a dozen first generation Corvairs, but a second mortgage on the homestead just didn't make sense. And really, the second gens were MUCH more nicely styled.

So I started the assembly line Saturday morning with six AMT Corvair kits, two complete old kits from the stash, and four new additions obtained from Dave the ModelKing at NNL East. I trimmed ALOT of flash, and filed and sanded seams. Then everything was washed and dried. Since there were six cars to build, I did just the bare necessities for cleanup, and had all the bodies primed by mid afternoon. Then took a break to go to the pool store for supplies.

After returning home I got right back to it and started painting the bodies. I used basic colors from remaining projects I had on hand, mostly Krylon paints. None of them will win any awards, but the will make a decent load for the trailer. Things really began to slow down when it came to the drivetrains, MAN for a 'simple' kit, there are dozens of parts to the engine and tranny. I took an old chassis, from the 1980's replica build of my own blue Vair, and mocked up the first engine. Decided what did and didn't need to be installed.

Sunday started with the setup, priming and painting of the six interiors, then back to the engines. Had to shut down the line, and by the time the evening diner bell rang, I only got TWO complete units done, painted and installed. Only FOUR more to go! In the meantime I gathered a dozen front wheelbacks and a dozen rear wheelbacks to prime and paint. I also assembled one each of the grey, tan and black interiors.


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