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Want to see some trains I shot about 40 years ago? *PICS*

Chicago & North Western Baldwin AS-16M 1485, repowered with EMD 567C engine and GP9 long hood, passes over the wooden trestle on Main St. just north of Railroad Ave. in Norway, Michigan, on September 1, 1978.

Amtrak 365 Blue Water Turboliner 67 left Port Huron, Michigan, at 6:15 AM this blistery cold morning of February 2, 1980, reaching the historic 1888 Battle Creek depot at 9:25 AM, having just crossed over from Grand Trunk to Conrail trackage. In my photo, the train is crossing over the Battle Creek River less than a minute after leaving the depot, and will arrive in Chicago at 11:35 AM, having taken 5 hours and 20 minutes for the entire trip. (In 2018, the same trip takes 5 hours and 59 minutes.)

Just two years later, a new Battle Creek depot was built a few blocks to the south, and tracks were realigned so the Grand Trunk and Conrail would now run on joint trackage through Battle Creek south of the river. The ex-NYC Conrail tracks through downtown were removed, and the bridge in this photo has become a walkway. The 130 year old depot has been preserved, and is now “Clara’s on the River,” a high-class restaurant with a railroad motif.

I love this ’57 Olds Super 88 four door sedan. Somebody bought this beauty as a luxury car 24 years earlier and even sprung for the optional chrome window trim and tinted windows, and here this guy’s driving it around as a beater with dinged bumper and door, wheel covers long gone, rust around the edges, and crooked car top carriers. Oh, by the way, Chicago South Shore & South Bend 802 is parked behind it on this December 28, 1979, afternoon in Michigan City, Indiana.

Grand Trunk GP9 4440 is approaching Walker Avenue on the northwest edge of Grand Rapids on its way to Muskegon in September of 1980.

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