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Jinx Express Revisited.

I tried to post this last night but my computer just would have no part in it. Every time I tried to view the pics the darn thing would lock up. But tonight its working, so on with the show! This is my more true to scale Jinx Express, based on the nose of the IH 1600 Charlie mastered for AITM and a bunch of treadplate. The grille guard is based on the IH heavy dump with two of the dollar signs cut from the original kits grille.

The drivers interior space features comfy swivel seats and plenty of buttons and levers. The cargo area features a fluorescent green rubber floor with detectible warning bumps. I bought it cuz it was so cool, and didn't know what I was ever going to use it on. This was it !

The tumblers on the vault doors also house huge tail lights, and if that wasn't enough, I have the biggest 3rd brake light ever under the rear spoiler! Fire power in the clear turret is from the MPC Jeep kit.

The twin vault doors open to reveal the EMPTY cargo area! But I'm not done yet.

The engine from the S'cool bus is literately shoehorned into place. Periscope is from the original kit.

Stubby exhaust feature tiny flowmaster mufflers and then turn out to aluminum extensions trimed with aluminum eyelets for the flair at the body line.

Still a bit to do, but making progress.....

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