Spotlight Hobbies

There is an easy way to view his pics if you are pressed for time. Instead of roll view look at them a page at a time, but enlarge them by pressing Ctrl and using the scroll button to enlarge the thumbs until there are just three or four in a row. Then scroll down the

page until you see a pic you want to see in more detail and click on it. Then return to the whole page with the back button. The individual pic will come up large, but you can use the ctrl/scroll to resize it or just use the bottom and right bars to move it around. If you do resize it down do not forget to reset the enlarged size again to have large thumbs again. Pretty simple and if you are only interested in just some of the pics it can go pretty rapidly once you get the hang of it. Do not forget to reset the size back to normal or whatever level of enlargement you want for regular surfing.

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