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IPMS contest judging varies WILDLY, depending on the contest who who VOLUNTEERS to be an Automotive class judge!!!

Usually, it's hard to find GOOD judges for Automotive, as many modelers enter MOST of the classes, and you can't judge a class one has an entry in. So, by default, Automotive classes often wind up being judged by the guys who entered every Armor and Aircraft category...

I try to judge Automotive when I enter IPMS contest, and more often than not, I'm usually the ONLY "model car builder" judging. Or the "experienced" model car builders get split up berween teams.

of course, on the other hand, I've judged Autromotive classes with other model car builders, and hate to break this to everyone, some of them aren't good judges of Automotive models (too much inability to grade quality, too much nitpicking, and in some rare occasions, the inability to see flaws in their BUDDIES' models!).

Some judges can't tell or don't know if the chopped Merc on the table was actually chopped or did the body come chopped out of the box. Some judges can't tell if a model was painted by that modeler , or was that paint job from a professional painter. Should a flawed attempt at scratchbuilding beat a flawless box stock build?

Unless someone actually steps up and judges a contest, ...

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