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Even as a youngster the Second World War became a consuming part of my life. In particular the concentration camps and the aircraft reall stuck with me. The next "big deal" for me was the death of John Kennedy. I remember the day very weell; school got out early and I was...

going to a friends house to work on a Johan '63 Ramcharger. When we got to his house we were met by his teary eyed mother who asked that we make it another day as President Kennedy had just been killed. That was another consuming moment for me. I saved all of the newspaper stories and watched whatever coverage there was on TV.
Then ... Vietnam and the resulting slaughter of college students by the Natioal Guard.
I don't think anything else was as important to me as those events were.
BTW if you're interested in reading a couple of good books regarding aircraft of WWii, try Fighter and Bomber both by Len Deighton.

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