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I had toy store versions of the '62 T-bird sorta Sports Roadster and '63 Galaxie boxtop htp...sadly, I didn't hold onto them as I did with other promos I collected as a kid...

My '62 T-bird was a light-blue (molded, not painted as the dealer promos were) convertible with the Sports Roadster tonneau cover over the back seat, but with a promo-style non-friction chassis with the standard wheel covers instead of the wire wheels.

The '63 Galaxie was turquoise (also molded, not painted in Ming Green like the dealer promos), but did have a friction chassis.
Sadly, these were given away (on Mom's orders to get rid of stuff, along with, yes, the shoebox full of baseball cards -- some of which might have been worth hundreds of $$ had I kept them!) along with many other models and promos when I went off to college.

I could kick myself for not keeping all that stuff!

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