Spotlight Hobbies

Okay, I'm behind a bit.

We just switched from a nine-year-old Dell to a new iMac. But "data transfer" is going to take a little time. I'm being picky about what transfers, so all of my photos (and copies) are still on the old computer until I can move them. I'm hoping to be able to get that done over the next couple weeks. The computer store offered to perform data transfer (for 150 bucks) but that would have been everything, so I would have been sifting anyway.

So I'm having to relearn a whole new system. Photos are the big issue, so that's my first project. But we have thousands.

So I'm slowed for a while until I get all this put back together.

Some very cool Corvettes. And I'm hoping to get that fotki album and the WWYi62 album up as soon as possible. Haven't picked my favorite yet. I'm still mulling between two. It's hard to decide.



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