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For those members here that remember Lee Baker and his great work *LINK*

Bob Downie posted this this morning on Facebook, and I thought I would share it here. Only wished I lived a little bit closer to Chattanooga!

"From the "just drop everything and go" files. I'm sure many of you in the model car hobby remember Lee Baker. Lee was a fixture in our hobby for many years, he was essentially one of the best-known elders of the hobby, an aficionado of classic cars and a damn fine model builder, creator and historian. Lee was also a good friend and travel companion, many good times, many good stories, many great memories. Lee passed away 7 years ago and his wife Mary Ellen passed away 2 years ago; I believe he would be 96 years old if he were still with us today. We had always assumed his son inherited his model collection; that was the plan. Apparently it never happened and he hasn't been in contact with Lee's family in Chattanooga for 7 years. Lee's models have been well preserved in their cases at Lee's home, and late Tuesday I was given a head's up about the pending estate sale this weekend at Lee's home which will itself be up for sale soon. This is a chance to get something you remember from Lee's collection; there are many built models, diecast, tons of books/magazines at very reasonable prices. It's important for Lee's friends and others in the hobby throughout the country to know this is happening this weekend. It's sad that it didn't go to a museum, a couple were contacted with no reply, including I believe the one in Salt Lake City. Lisa (who is running the sale) is a close family friend of Lee and Mary Ellen and had no luck going through Lee's contacts finding anyone local from the former Chattanooga CARS model club to contact, so we assured her we would put the word out. An old friend who was also a good friend of Lee's stumbled upon the listing and went over there to help her and picked up a dozen of Lee's built models. I took my Scale Auto Dec. 1994 issue over on Wednesday to show her the article that Pat Covert and I wrote (I did the interview, writing, and a couple bench shots, Pat took the studio shots) about Lee and his classic collection and his history in the hobby from before there were model kits available. This is your chance to get one last look at Lee's collection and perhaps take something home. Everything in the house is for sale. Lots of cool stuff; models, books, artwork, magazines, tools. Drawers of plans, some of his own drawings of his own conversions. Photo albums. There are no unbuilt models, Lee had sold most and what was left was sold to someone else. The sale is this Saturday and Sunday in Chattanooga; on a good day I could get to Lee's in a little over an hour and a half from Atlanta. Bring your wives and friends, everything in the house is for sale, tons of kitchen stuff, furniture, clothing, books, everything. Here's the listing, have fun and happy hunting!"

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