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I wasn't in the Army. My dad was. Scholfield Barracks was his last base assignment before he retired.

He was planning to do a full 20 in the Army, but then he noticed that his chances of rotating home to Fort Hood were 50%...and 50% to Fort Huachuca, Arizona...a place he had only visited...and didn't particularly care for. And he was also a CW2 in Military Intelligence, and he could only hit CW3 back then...if he did another three years.
Then the Army told him that they would consider the three years he did in the Marine Corps (before his Army enlistment) as part of the 20 needed for retirement. So he did.

A year later, the Army supposedly decided (my memory on this is fuzzy...not sure it happened) that MI Chief Warrant Officers could hit CW4...if only he had stayed in...

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